Mitzvot and more!

Last session, we started class with a video about Mitzvot, and doing good deeds to help others.

From there, we went to a fun game on the rug. The kids were given pictures of different foods. They had to identify if the food was:
mar, מר, bitter
hamutz, חמוץ, sour
maluach, מלוח, salty
matok, מתוק, sweet
Everyone was able to match several foods on the board. We read A Moon for Moe and Mo and talked about how the boys do mitzvot in the story. Then, we played Dag Maluach.
During choice time, we folded origami, played the matching game using our fruit and vegetable words from last week, and had free reading. Instead of the Hebrew letter matching game, we played a number identification game so the kids could practice their vocabulary skills.
For art, everyone colored a drawing of a tongue (lashon, לשון) that was marked with the location of the tastes.