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  • K-12 Jewish Education

    Yachad (which means "together" in Hebrew) is our K-12th grade Jewish and Hebrew education program that seeks to inspire a lifelong pride in one's Jewish identity; a love of Jewish learning; an appreciation for the holidays; and an understanding of life cycles, ritual practices, and ethical living.

    Yachad Program B'Nei Mitzvah

    K-8TH GRADE Curriculum

    9-12TH GRADE Curriculum

    K-12 Jewish Education
  • Early Childhood Center

    The Early Childhood Center (ECC) is an inclusive community committed to maximizing the potential and participation of all types of learners.

    Our preschool is among the most prestigious in the city, and our programs for babies and toddlers are designed to give young children a sense of independence and confidence at an early age.

    Preschool Babies & Toddlers
    Early Childhood Center
  • After School Center

    Our after school programs offer children in grades K-5th a wide variety of classes and recreational activities in a safe and caring environment, supervised by a highly qualified staff.

    LOCATIONS:       At CBE        PS 39         PS 295

    After School Center